Chest Congestion: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

Chest Congestion is a common illness which affects lower respiratory tract by an inflammatory process in the bronchial mucosa. Symptoms and treatment methods depend on the type of the disease: acute or chronic, as well as the stage of the disease. Identifying the chest congestion symptoms is a key to getting rid of this discomfort. The inflammatory process in the bronchi doesn’t only affect the quality of life but is also dangerous by severe complications, pneumonia, pathologies and disorders of the cardiovascular system. That is why listen carefully to what your body tells you and help it to recover.

How do I know that it is a Chest Congestion?

Let’s clarify the answer to a simple question “What is chest congestion?” It is a symptom which is characterized by two prominent indicators: excess mucus and cough. They are usually interconnected and appear one after another.