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China Medicine

In 1555, during the Ming dynasty imperial Zong Shi, a royal physician fled to the city of Zhangzhou (Fujian province) because it is not satisfied with the emperor was very cruel. The physician was settled in a temple located in the East Pushan under Zhangzhou City as a monk. He witnessed the suffering and misery of the people due to incurable disease so that he felt compelled to provide aid to all residents. By using a secret potion from the palace, he finally managed to concoct a drug called “Pien Tze Huang” that have meaning only one tablet / pill (Pien) can relieve inflammation.

At first, Pien Tze Huang blended in very traditional. Potions are passed down for generations from one generation to another. Until 1911, a monk from the village Xiangyan Zhachuang who is also heir herb Pien Tze Huang realized how important these drugs, so he was trying to develop a more professional manner. Finally, in 1956, in the village of Xiangyan Zhachuang developed into Zhangzhou Pharmaceutical Factory Pharmaceutical today. Due to exceptional properties, together with Pien Tze Huang Chinese immigrants began to spread widely overseas Chinese, especially to Southeast Asia.