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The Facts About Irregular Periods

“Reasons for an irregular period” is one of the most frequent google inquiries by females. It means that women encounter this symptom very often. However, gynecologists state that more than the half of their patients don’t come with the problem of irregular periods treatment. It means that females don’t consider this symptom to be a serious indicator to visit a doctor. Although in most cases there is no reason to worry, in other situations it can be a sign to have a medical check.

What are Irregular Periods?

The term “irregular periods” indicates the beginning of menstruation within different gaps. A normal menstruation cycle embraces approximately 28 days. For each woman, this number can vary from up to 7 days. If your cycle has 35 days, but each menstruation begins exactly on the 35th day, it doesn’t mean that you have problems. It is just your individual body feature. However, if each month the lengths of the periods change drastically, it is counted as a symptom of irregularity.

Reasons for Irregular Menstruation Cycles