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Care needs at different life stages

Newly born babies are dependent on parents or carers to keep them safe, make sure they are fed, bathed and warm. Infants also depend on parents and carers to make available to speak to and give them encouragement in order to persuade intellectual development. Intellectual stimulation will place the basis for the development of a child’s self-image. Social and emotional needs Infants need to make safe and steady relations with their carers throughout the first year of life. Also making devoted attachment, this procedure is called bonding. If there is a relationship between the carer and the child, this may end to letdown to bond or make a safe attachment in future relationships. Having a loving bond with parents or carer in infancy may be crucial in order to allow the expansion of self-esteem.

Childhood Physical and Intellectual needs As children grow up they improve a series of skills like their body skills (Example: Running and swimming), their charisma, social, creativity, and logic skills. As children new skills, children enjoy doing activities by themselves they become more independent. Children will need useful chances to learn and develop. A child’s personality will begin to expand from communication with other people throughout this stage of his/her life.